Vas Gaming Engine

This project is one thing I have wanted to do for a while but never really worked on it at all, but here it is:

Vas Gaming Engine is intended to help simplify js coding with the canvas. It is in its early stages of development, currently at v0.0.55 . Vas currently simplifies shape creation in canvas. The script can be found below. I know it doesn't look like much but I will keep editing it and updating it. I am unsure why it isn't loading my canvas below, but it seems to work fine when I use it's local html file. There is a snapshot below of the game engines progress.

Most recent updates: Keypress events

Biggest Changes: Keypress events, Added polygons, support for different styles of developing, support for logging number of elements.

Keypress events can be used like this: [if(game.key.up) { doThis(); game.key.up = false; }] in which 'game' is the defined Vas function. Try pressing the arrow keys to test it! All letters, numbers, and arrow keys are available for use: Just type [ game.controls = "custom"; ] after [ var game = new Vas(); ]. Other available controls are WASD and Arrow [ "WASD_Arrow" ], and WASD [ "WASD" ]

See the Pen Vas gaming engine by Luke Schwarz (@malmadork) on CodePen.

Coming soon to Vas: More shapes, loops, animations, tilemaps, and support for "2D" platformers (like Original Mario), and support for "3D" platformers (like Original Zelda). I do not know when these releases will occur, but I am trying to keep developing this further.