Welcome to my Website!

This website was made for me to blog about games and also upload my own games! Currently I have 4 games and a few projects uploaded to this site, but more are being made. Be sure to check out the Games and More Sharespace, a forum where you can post your own projects, ask for help, help others, and discuss topics. You can go to the Sharespace by clicking on the 'Sharespace' Tab, or by clicking here. You can also sign my guestbook by clicking the link: here. Anyways, thanks for checking my site out!

A new update for the Vas Engine is in the works! You can see the new page and progress here. Many older things are simplified and while some things have been removed at the moment, I am working to catch it back up. New things coming to it include built in box collisions and 2D map creation!

Try pressing enter! Current Switch controls use WASD/Arrow controls and enter to select. I am planning to add customization for control preference soon.