Finally gonna try working on the site. Expect changes soon. Wanting to do a large overhaul of the site and it's intended use. I also need to sort all of my files to proper locations because my organizational skills from 5 years ago are awful.

Update: June 2023; Welp. Its been a hot minute yet again. I've been primarily working on my other site,, which houses my art projects and more. I'm working in the background to give the site a fresh but retro feel. It's taking some time to nail down each and every part. Thank you all for your patience. Games and More will be back (hopefully) soon.

Update: June 30th 2023; Oof. Had a really cool idea for this site and may not be fully possible. Still working on some things. I'll keep yall posted. Probably gonna start with reorganizing the entire site.

Update: April 4th 2024; Life's been busy huh. I'm working two jobs on top of college and busy with expanding my art business and focusing on other hobbies. I truly want to put the time and effort into this site, but it keeps getting delayed. I'm not throwing in the towel or anything, but I know its been like a whole ass year since you've seen any content here. I felt really awkward about a lot of my old projects. They run poorly, use some borrowed code, and just generally didn't feel all that exciting or engaging. I have a ton of new ideas for games and things to share here, but actually getting to them has proved difficult. I hope to share a lot of these new things to you soon, but for now. Thank you all for sticking around. I love the neocities community. You are all incredible creatives and people I look up to. Thank you dearly.