Vas Gaming Engine

The Vas Gaming Engine is intended to help simplify js coding with the canvas. It is in its early stages of development, currently at v0.0.6 beta. Vas currently simplifies shape creation in canvas. The script can be found below. I know it doesn't look like much but I will keep editing it and updating it.

Most recent updates: Keypress events

Biggest Changes: Keypress events, Added polygons, support for different styles of developing, support for logging number of elements.

Keypress events can be used like this: [if(game.key.up) { doThis(); game.key.up = false; }] in which 'game' is the defined Vas function. Try pressing the arrow keys to test it! All letters, numbers, and arrow keys are available for use: Just type [ game.controls = "custom"; ] after [ var game = new Vas(); ]. Other available controls are WASD and Arrow [ "WASD_Arrow" ], and WASD [ "WASD" ]

Coming to Vas: Changing functions to classes, new classes can be appended (have children), Map making and built in collision detection.

See the Pen Vas gaming engine by Luke Schwarz (@malmadork) on CodePen.

Coming soon to Vas: More shapes, loops, animations, tilemaps, and support for "2D" platformers (like Original Mario), and support for "3D" platformers (like Original Zelda). I do not know when these releases will occur, but I am trying to keep developing this further.