RPG Game

In progress - v1.1.0 alpha

This game utilizes a finite state machine, allowing it to easily switch between multiple states.


Current Controls: Space to start Game, Arrow/WASD Keys to move, z/enter key to select, Enter to access the in-game menu, and x to exit the in-game menu.

Note: There seems to be a small issue I encounter when loading the battle stage for the first time, but is fixed by tapping one of the WASD or arrow keys. If there happens to be some sort of bug or issue, it can take some time for external files to be updated, but I will try to fix these ASAP.


Menu Local Map Battles Items
New Menu Screen with options Potions can be obtained from the chest. Balance was fixed again! (Still might need some more tweaks) Support for Items was Added
Custom Font Options Now Shows Stats and Items Variables were redefined and easier to manage. All items are now saved under one variable.
Code was organized and cleaned up. New Maps Added Less alerts, more on screen text. Will be adding health bars soon for clarification. Support for item usage in battles.

As some can tell, I am working on an items menu. Functionality is little to none. I am experimenting with different options to make it simple. Bear with me as I work this out and create a functional items menu. There also seems to be a small issue when leaving the items menu, which doesn't display the map. Working this out too.

Coming Soon:

Menu Local Map Battles Items
Sky Animations (Maybe make it change images to stars and moon at night) Better Tile Graphics More Monsters Inventory Screen
New Save Options, Reset Data under Settings Player Sprites Balance Tweaking Saving of Stored Items