RPG - Newest Version

The newest version of the RPG, including a larger screen, higher quality art, and is simplified and organized. This is where I will be posting the newest updates to this project.

Project F || Working Title


Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys to move, Enter or Z to Select/Start, Shift or X to Cancel/Go Back

Working on updating battles right now. Battles do allow attacks, but do not kill enemies yet. There are some bugs. I am going to try and simplify my code soon, so please be patient while I do so. I keep getting lost in where I am calling functions, so keeping things simple will allow me to keep working on battles at a good pace. You can see my individual work on battles here.

Known Bugs: A certain order of keypresses stops the game. Enemy Health goes over max. Player can instakill enemies. Clicking on the now removed Items buttons crashes the page.

To do: Character sprite + animation, update graphics further, npc additions, randomized battles in map.