About Games and More

What is Games and More?

Games and More is a website in which I create pure-Javascript and WebGL games from scratch. The website was started back in October of 2018, and has seen much support and growth since then. I also occasionally use this site to blog about my thoughts on gaming news, future projects for the site, and reflecting on my accomplishments with the site. When I started this website, I knew very little about Javascript or WebGL. Now, I am diving deep in creating new and original ideas for gaming, all within a webpage.

What are your current projects/games for Games and More?

I am currently working hard on an RPG style game. The game is still in development at early stages, with me working on battles, animations, and more. This game has seen much improvement since I started work on it. I am working on an idle style game called Coffee Clickers. I am also updating my tennis game with easier controls and new modes. One of my bigger projects that I have been working on is 'Vas'. The name comes from 'canvas', the name of the HTML element used to create games in javascript on a webpage. This project will allow people to create games in Javascript and WebGL with much more ease. I have put some work into it, but much more needs to be done.

What do you plan to do in the future with the site?

I plan to make a few quality of life changes to the site, including easier navigation. As far as games, I plan to release a full platformer game, as well as a full WebGL RPG game. These are projects that shall be left for when I finish some of my current games.